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Mission intel for newcomers.

Landscape of the Mission

The Mission District lies mostly between 14th Street on its northern end down to 24th Street between Dolores Street and Van Ness. As a point of reference, all of our recommendations are labeled with the major street they’re in closest proximity to.

Valencia St.

The heart of the trendy, up and coming hot spots of the Mission… and also probably the most gentrification.

Dolores St.

A gorgeous, palm tree-laden stretch of road that runs by the famed Dolores Park and Mission Dolores Basilica, the oldest remaining building in San Francisco.

Mission St.

The backbone of the Mission, home to many small, locally owned businesses and Latino markets.

24th St.

A beautiful, vibrant street that embodies the edgier, more artistic side of the Mission.

History and politics of the Mission

Be aware: The modern Mission is undergoing a lot of change. Many of the neighborhood’s longtime residents are being displaced by a new population of wealthy technology workers, changing its historically Latino, working-class character. The tension that this gentrifying dynamic creates is palpable, even to visitors. Just look at the walls of Clarion Alley, or any space where street art flourishes. There’s a lot of anger and resentment here for what many see as a gutting of the old ways and streetscapes.

If you want a bit more information on this phenomenon, check out this video produced by the San Francisco Chronicle. It looks more deeply at a particular block of the Mission, on 24th street between Shotwell and Folsom.

That said, the Mission is still a vibrant and thoroughly worthwhile place to visit. The multitude of sights, sounds, food, bars and culture is intoxicating.

Who we are

A couple of appreciative residents of the Mission. We make an effort to taste and see every corner of the neighborhood, admiring both the long-time local staples and the up and coming disruptors of the culinary and entertainment scenes.