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Mission Classics

starReservations not requiredstar

Cheapo (for SF)

$30+ per person

Total walking time:

38 minutes over 1.9 miles

Start at:

Bi-Rite Market (18th Street and Guerrero)

Internal memo:

Experience the best of the Mission in a single day.


Grab high-quality supplies at Bi-Rite

est. time: 20 min

Known for their delicious, homemade ice cream, Bi-Rite Market is a treasure trove for food lovers and ice cream connoisseurs alike. Stop here first to pick up the fixin’s for a park picnic. We recommend a bottle of wine, some cheese, and whatever other tasty items strike your fancy.

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walking time:

4 mins


Picnic and day drinking at Dolores Park

est. time: 60+ min

It’s been affectionately called the “get turnt” park. It’s true—a sunny day in Dolores never disappoints for people watching and good vibes. It’s a similar scene to an outdoor concert or a nice day at the beach. One of the most interesting features are the park vendors… you can buy just about anything. We recommend a fresh coconut with rum. Look for the guy drink dreadlocks and a giant cooler.

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walking time:

21 mins


La Taqueria for dinner

est. time: 30-45 min

La Taq is a classic. It’s one of the most famous burrito shops in the Mission, and for good reason. Burritos and tacos are served with a heap of salsa and guacamole and the tortillas are steaming fresh. While standing in line, watch the chefs feverishly chop carne asada with a cleaver and furiously whip gigantic bowls of guacamole.

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walking time:

8 mins


18 holes at Urban Putt

est. time: 60-90 min

The city’s one and only mini-golf course is a quirky, delightful experience for any age. Better yet, you can drink on the course after 8pm. It’s guaranteed to be one of the more unique mini-golf experiences you’ll have. Try the Pink Putter Challenge for extra laughs.

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walking time:

5 mins


Ridiculously strong margaritas at Latin American Club

est. time: 45+ min

Your adventure concludes at the funky, fun scene at Latin American Club. Beware: the drinks are strong (and cheap), so take your time. Get yourself a margarita and marvel at the weird stuff hanging from the walls and ceiling. Cash only.

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Plotting your route

There’s plenty of fun to be had on this tour of Mission classics.

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