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Latin American Club

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$15, cash-only

3286 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 647-2732 | Website | Directions

Open right now

6pm-2am (Mon-Thur), 5pm-2am (Fri), 12pm-2am (Sat), 2pm-2am (Sun)

Why we love it

The Latin American Club is super kooky, but a true Mission classic. There are lots of odd things dangling from the ceiling, like doors and fish, along with super colorful and weird pinatas. There are colored lights on the bar, paintings of dogs on the wall, and a run-down laundromat next door, but the place always feels like a party. The atmosphere is always jovial, and, if you get there at a bit on the earlier side, say 8:30, you’ll likely find a seat.

We recommend

The Margarita. It’s $12 and potent as hell. If you intend to be out for a long night on the town, we’d recommend splitting it with somebody. Essentially, the bartender fills a salt-rimmed pint glass with tequila almost to the top. Then, they add a small splash of lime juice and cointreau. It’s either a party-starter or a night-ender.

How to get in

Earlier is better, though you still might have to spot hawk to find a table. Be aware this place is cash-only! So bring a wad of currency.

Before you go to Yelp

Yep, we vetted it already.

4.0 stars out of 5 with 480 reviews